Author: Eugene Burd

Is Shipt the Sleeper in the Battle for Online Grocery?

Like many in the industry, we were intrigued when Target acquired Shipt and speculated what it would mean for both Target and Shipt.  We wrote that at the time of acquisition, Shipt reached 22% of US Consumers.  Then in February, Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, laid out an aggressive plan to expand Shipt to all […]
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CPG Loyalty in the Grocery eCommerce Age

Marketers have always known that acquiring new customers was significantly more expensive than retaining an existing one.  Research has shown that it can be 5-25 times more expensive.  At the same time, CPG marketers know that even their most loyal consumers buy other brands within their categories.  A metric called share of requirements captures the […]
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Amazon & Whole Foods – One Year On

We are approaching the one year anniversary of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and we wanted to review some of the ramifications on Amazon, Whole Foods, and online grocery.  Before diving in, a quick reminder on the details – Amazon closed the deal on August 28, 2017 with a purchase price of $13.7B. When the […]
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Target increases grocery reach to 42% of US consumers

Earlier this year, we wrote about Target’s entry into the online grocery market with the acquisition of Shipt.  Recently, Target announced that they have reached their half way point in their drive to become America’s easiest place to shop.  This strategy includes multiple capabilities including Drive Up, Restock (think Amazon Prime Pantry, but free for […]
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Busting the barriers to online grocery adoption

Much has been written about Nielsen & FMI’s prediction that US consumers will spend $100B a year on online grocery by 2022. As we have stated previously, we believe the majority of this growth will come from full assortment shoppers replacing their regular grocery trips.  Retailers see this shift as an opportunity to grow their […]
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Instacart available to 60% of US consumers

This is a third in our series of write ups covering retailers in the battle for online grocery.  This time, we will be focusing on Instacart.  If you are interested in our previous write ups, we covered Walmart Online Grocery Pickup and Kroger ClickList earlier.  Also, if you are wondering why we are focusing on […]
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Winning the shift to Online Grocery

According to Nielsen & FMI, 70% of consumers will be shopping online with an estimated annual spend of $100 billion. As this shift occurs, CPGs are rightly considering whether they have the right tools, data, and processes to capture a disproportionate share. These considerations have to start with the consumer and the change in their […]
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