Author: Jim Lesch

Basketful partners with Pinterest on shoppable experiences

We’re excited to announce that Basketful is an official Pinterest Shopping partner! Pinterest unveiled a revised Pinterest Partners program on June 17, revealing vendor partners that power increasingly shoppable experiences on the Pinterest platform. Pinterest partners are highly vetted for both technical expertise and Pinterest expertise, and Basketful is proud to be a partner. Whether […]
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The 4 P’s to Winning Online Grocery

Bain & Company released a report last week finding that consumer adoption continues to rise, and incumbent grocers have a window of opportunity to capture this growing segment. We’ve identified P’s that will continue to accelerate online grocery in the US. Presence Must be present (local) to win. Shoppers want options, and even the smaller […]
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Updated Retailer Reach maps (10-mile radius)

In past analysis, we used a 30-mile radius for “within reach” of pickup locations.  Walmart’s recent annual report we noticed they published: “We’re enabling customers to choose Walmart for all the ways they want to shop by expanding our assortment, leveraging our fulfillment capabilities and connecting our stores, located within 10 miles of nearly 90 […]
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This is our 6th and final article on online grocery retailer reach in the US. Others are available here. We started this research because we needed it as input to our own business plans, and published it because it might help with yours. While many competitors on rapidly expanding their online grocery footprint Peapod has […]
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Beyond The Battle for Full Basket Online Grocery

In An Overview of Shoppable Content Solutions we observed some trends in online grocery: more consumers want to find their groceries online vs. in a physical store. brands move from shoppable single products to shoppable solutions. solutions mature by adding directly to cart, bypassing product detail pages brands extend their value past the point of […]
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An Overview of Shoppable Content solutions

Feeding a family is a long, complicated process full of stops and starts. Great marketers are addressing every phase to attract, reclaim, or retain customers. With fast-moving low-margin goods like groceries, repeat purchases are paramount. Here’s an over-simplified diagram of the steps grocery shoppers go through: Now let’s take a look at some examples of […]
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Amazon Not the Easy Winner in US Grocery Fight

Forbes was quick to hand Amazon the leadership of online grocery in “Online Grocery Sales To Reach $100 Billion In 2025; Amazon Is Current And Future Leader” Danziger made the same arguments we hear a lot: Amazon is already winning, with 18% of online grocery sales today. Amazon bought Whole Foods, acquiring some brick and […]
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Day 90 – Life at Basketful

  It’s Day 90 at Basketful. Our friends ask what we do all day. We fill up whiteboards with sketches and improvement ideas. We prototype a lot of ideas, then throw away most of them. We read a lot about the state of eCommerce   It’s not uncommon for us to design a variation of […]
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Day 1

It’s Day 1 here at Basketful Co. and we’re about to launch our website.  We’ve got our own little double secret office space in the Twin Cities.  It has community space, a kitchen area, and basically everything our little operation needs at this point.  We have inexpensive desks, chairs, and monitors and little bit of […]
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