We earnestly listen, disagree openly, and commit quickly

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When creating something that’s never been done before, we’re committed to regularly attack our business plan. What works one day, might not the next.
And that’s just how we like it.

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But flexibility is truly one of the biggest perks at Basketful. Work from anywhere — from home, in-office, the beach. The work leaves you motivated and excited to do more but also lets you have a life.

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So happy you found us. Definitely see if there’s an opening to join our work family. Especially if you’ve got shuffleboard skills. Jim needs some competition. 

Full Time Minneapolis

Senior/Staff Software Engineer

Build things with us that no one has built yet. Help people find food and make meals that they once thought were daunting. Tackle problems where you have to evolve diverse, amorphous data sets into structured and tagged information that makes new things possible. Help illuminate food availability problems and how we can help reduce them. Help us expand into Canada with new retailer partners. Show your mom.
Full Time Minneapolis

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Basketful is looking for a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer to join our smallish team.

Timing is everything

Even if we don’t have the perfect-for-you position available now, drop us a hello and let’s connect.


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