Crumbling cookies and a fragmented funnel

Crumbling cookies and a fragmented funnel

Reconnecting the dots for ecomm optimization

For digital marketers, the telegraphed end of third-party cookies has caused angst and heartburn, especially for performance marketers. Tracking cookies and pixels have long been a staple of digital marketing, deployed as bread crumbs along the shopper journey. These bread crumbs are connected together to provide a lineage of an individual shopper’s journey, and have unintentionally morphed into an industry standard methodology over the last decade plus. In many ways they served as the common operating system, connecting together the ad interactions one shopper sees across devices from the top of the funnel to the bottom. In a hypothetical example, these connect together an ad that a shopper saw on a social media platform, to an interaction on desktop via a hyper relevant re-targeted ad, and then to the final conversion/sale through the merchant of record. At scale this identity based framework unlocks hyper-targeting, precision segmentation, and audience optimization for brands both big and small. The information and value exchange embedded in these handshakes quite literally powered digital marketing and advertising online for the better part of this century. One of the significant downfalls of this methodology though was–and still is– the lack of transparency to the shopper in terms of what information they are trading for targeted content, and their ability to control that balance of privacy and value added personalization.

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework (ATT), as well as Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies, device-based identifiers and IP addresses–all announced in the last year and a half (confirm)—effectively break the ability to create the linkage between these bread crumbs. The ability to measure and connect the dots of your digital marketing at scale is now heavily degraded in an industry standard way. This is a tectonic shift for the CPG ad industry in particular, with major implications to marketing efficiency. Without high quality signals connecting the dots, the ability to perform optimized measurement-based marketing is severely limited. The fragmentation of the marketing and commerce funnel is in full effect. This has not only impacted the brand’s ability to get the most out of their spend, but has caused hundreds of billions of dollars in market cap loss to the marketing platform behemoths that previously facilitated and profited off these transactions.

So how do you combat the death of third-party cookies and regain the lost signal strength while protecting for transparency and privacy? In short: Basketful’s industry exclusive Channel Insights. Channel Insights leverages key first party data gleaned from smarter shoppable ad capabilities and its unique position in the purchase funnel to drive full funnel ecomm optimization for fast moving CPG brands. Like a fire tower placed on a key high point within a forest, Channel Insights gives you visibility to upper funnel media performance, middle funnel purchase intent, and lower funnel attributed purchases—and automatically synchronizes the signals for full funnel media & commerce insights. Bypass the cloudy and fragmented world of ATT and cookieless with clear visibility into realtime multi-channel ecommerce performance for your brands. Contact us to learn more and get a demo of how Channel Insights will bring clarity to the chaos. Only from Basketful.


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