Why premium Inventory Awareness matters for CPG ecommerce

Why premium Inventory Awareness matters for CPG ecommerce

Make your marketing go 10% further

The basic arithmetic for digital marketing is fairly simple: nail the content + hit the demographic = impressions & conversions.  With the ongoing surge in ecomm, brands are investing to make as many of those moments as possible shoppable.  Ecomm behavior for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) is quite a bit different than the rest of retail ecommerce though.  This is in part because of two big factors unique to FMCG. 

  1. Low consideration.  Food, beverage, alcohol, health & beauty, and petcare are purchased frequently, consumed rapidly, and are generally inexpensive.  As such, the window for ecomm influence is particularly short.
  2. Distribution & availability that is unique to every zip code in the US.  90%+ of FMCG ecomm is fulfilled by 30,000 retail locations, each with it’s own unique distribution.

These factors cement the importance of how vital it is to have a smooth and frictionless path to cart.  That quality plays an important role in not just the initial add to cart, but repeat purchases.

Premium Inventory Awareness

Inventory awareness leverages store/product level information to optimize the add to cart experience on the fly to prevent dead ends and high risk brand substitution.  Premium Inventory Awareness is included throughout our entire Shoppable ecosystem, and has been from the start.  Whether it’s a Shoppable Landing Page for paid social, a shoppable recipe on owned media, or your Product Locator on your brand page–Basketful is fully inventory aware.  

Not only does it prevent high risk brand substitution, but it allows your ad dollars to go 10% further on average.  The current industry out of stock rate is hovering around 10%, meaning 1:10 trips to a traditional shelf result in a dead end.  With inventory awareness your shoppers never encounter an empty shelf–only the shelves that have your product in stock.  Research shows that when a product is out of stock, 85% of consumers do not delay the purchase—they settle for a substitute.  And these outages can occasionally be widespread and severe–Frozen Pizza & Pasta at a large national retailer last year saw a sustained 35% out of stock rate.  Basketful’s premium Inventory Awareness automatically bypasses this.  And we do it 90-95% faster than competing products who claim even basic inventory awareness.  An add to cart experience without inventory awareness is severely degraded, and causes significant brand substitution risk.

How It Works

Inventory Awareness uses local availability and pricing across 45,000 zip codes to ensure the best path to cart for a shopper in a given zip code.  If a shopper in 90210 sees your ad, we show only their local retailers, and only those which have your brand in stock–ensuring a quality path to purchase for both the brand and the shopper.  

Upping the ante

We recently announced the launch of Inventory Targeting.  This industry exclusive capability allows you to adjust campaign targeting to only areas that actively carry your product, adding another layer of efficiency in addition to Inventory Awareness. Targeted your media against distribution further up the funnel is only available through Basketful.

Learn more & get a step ahead of your peers

At Basketful, our mission is to Simplify Grocery Shopping. We create a smarter path to cart from wherever your media is trafficked. Our Shoppable Solutions are all built with premium location, distribution, and inventory awareness across 100+ retailers and 30,000 stores. Our coverage spans Food, Beverage, Alcohol, Health & Beauty, Baby, Household and Pet brands.  Check us out at basketful.co or simply reply to this email for more information.


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