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Crumbling cookies and a fragmented funnel

Reconnecting the dots for ecomm optimization For digital marketers, the telegraphed end of third-party cookies has caused angst and heartburn, especially for performance marketers. Tracking cookies and pixels have long been a staple of digital marketing, deployed as bread crumbs along the shopper journey. These bread crumbs are connected together to provide a lineage of […]
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The secret ingredients to superior Channel Insights

The best flavors of ice cream require a unique combination of the best ingredients. Your media campaigns are no different—the most productive campaigns are a unique combination of channels, creative, messaging, timing, and more. Basketful’s new Channel Insights capability is here to take the guesswork out of the recipe, and drive media & ecomm optimization […]
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Did you hear the scoop?

Basketful announces Channel Insights; serving up next level ecomm optimization We are proud to announce the launch of an industry exclusive and game changing CPG media capability: Channel Insights.  Enhanced by our ecosystem of shoppable capabilities, Channel Insights automatically connects media & commerce performance together, unlocking in-flight ecomm optimization for CPG brands. Channel Insights connects the dots between […]
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Product availability on autopilot

Typical product locators are like bananas.  At the time of checkout they look perfect, but it’s a matter of days before they become overripe and unusable.  It’s a constant battle making sure they don’t go out of date. Recent CPG supply challenges have magnified the importance of making product locators (and brand media too!) real-time […]
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3 steps to orchestrate CPG commerce efficiency & 1st party insights

In a world of evolving privacy and shopper tracking, reduced media attribution, a spider web of omni-channel activities, and blurring lines between marketing and commerce, marketers have their hands full. For fast moving consumer goods brands having an efficient and data-driven presence across the omni-channel is the core foundation. Connecting the dots between these disparate […]
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How your digital marketing can circumvent a $15B Grocery Out of Stock problem

CPG’s go to market strategy and digital marketing has undergone quite the transformation over the last decade going from a single channel world to an omni-channel one.  In the old world a product was developed and launched, sold into customers, marketed to the masses through mainstream media, product was pushed down linear supply chains into […]
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