3 steps to orchestrate CPG commerce efficiency & 1st party insights

3 steps to orchestrate CPG commerce efficiency & 1st party insights

In a world of evolving privacy and shopper tracking, reduced media attribution, a spider web of omni-channel activities, and blurring lines between marketing and commerce, marketers have their hands full. For fast moving consumer goods brands having an efficient and data-driven presence across the omni-channel is the core foundation. Connecting the dots between these disparate activities to drive marketing and commerce efficiency is now possible. Here are three key stepping stones.

1) On-site Shoppability. Smarter shopability transforms your sites from glorified brand brochures into a powerful owned media platform. From omni-shoppable product locators, to flexible buy now buttons, to shoppable recipes and site lists—these smarter paths to purchase give you DTC-like capabilities without all the DTC-like infrastructure. Shoppers have access to checkout at their local store of choice, maintaining fair and equitable retailer approaches. Beyond the utility of turning impressions into conversions, this foundation is key to harvesting rich first party data as shoppers progress through the funnel on-site.

2) Off-site shoppability. Commerce is everywhere, and social commerce is the single biggest channel of growth. US social commerce sales is expected to hit $80B by 2025 and it’s growth shows no signs of slowing (Social commerce in China surpassed $350B in 2021). Every impression is a conversion opportunity, and off-site shopability brings ‘Add to Cart’ anywhere. Flexible and portable paths to cart create the bridge to conversion, and allow brands to harvest middle and lower funnel insight at scale—including sales conversion activity.

3) Connected Commerce & 1st party insights. Deploying smarter on and off site shopability creates a force multiplier: an intelligent commerce network which centralizes funnel behavior from wherever your shoppers are. This broad visibility democratizes media & commerce efficiency for brands of any size, serving up differential shopper, channel, creative, and retailer insights. Beyond powerful media performance visibility, the icing on the cake is gleaning brand-owned 1st party insights. Shopper level 1st party data allows you rich visibility into these multi-touch journeys, retargeting of high-value shoppers, developing more personalized and real-time targeted engagements, and much more.


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