Introducing Shopability Packages to elevate your ecomm

Introducing Shopability Packages to elevate your ecomm

Drive shopability and funnel intelligence across ALL your brands’ assets

If 2020 was the year of ecomm acceleration, 2021 is the year of ecomm entrenchment.  With greater than 1:5 of all retail dollars1, and over 1:10 of all grocery dollars2 occurring online, a multi-faceted approach to shopability is critical.

Basketful now offers Shoppable Subscriptions and Packages that meet the needs of your brand(s) to create unified shoppable experiences across your assets.  We offer Brand Media, Owned Media, and Enterprise Shopability packages to fortify your paths to purchases and turn every impression into a conversion opportunity.  Our packages offer a mix of unlimited shoppable landing pages for media, Buy Now widgets for your sites, Product Locators, Shoppable Recipes, Site Lists, Eco-system Insights & Analytics, as well as discounts on industry exclusive add-on capabilities.   With Basketful as a shoppable partner, unify your shopability and achieve the benefits of DTC without actually having to do DTC.


2 Bank of America, Food and Discount Store Momentum Tracker, May 2021


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