Media & Social Solutions

Think of your media as a
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Media & Social Solutions

Shoppable Landing Pages

Once a customer is on your site, converting them to a sale should be easy, right? Right. With our fully flexible Landing Pages, we can ensure the highest fidelity shopping experience that’s backed by rich first party analytics & insights -- and connected to unmatched retailer coverage with Basketful.
Media & Social Solutions

Direct to Cart Links

No matter the industry - food, non-food, alcohol, pet, health & beauty - we provide to-the-minute location, inventory and price awareness, so your single product, bundle or recipe media seamlessly convert to a cart.
Media & Social Solutions

Inventory Targeting

On average we see 3-7% of media waste even for national brand campaigns. And that’s why we’re so excited to launch an industry first: Inventory Targeting. It gives you the ability to dynamically target based on where your product is available in the US while your campaign targets your customers, making your spend work harder.

Why these work

Ecomm is Blowing Up

With over 79% of shoppers now using online grocery, arming every impression with a path to cart is crucial. It’s only growing after 2020 changed shopping habits.

Premium Inventory Awareness Matters

Basketful automatically bypasses distribution voids and out of stock events for your brand, avoiding a $15B industry issue (you’re welcome).

Online Grocery is Local

Over 90% of eGrocery is fulfilled by 30,000+ local stores. Basketful’s industry-leading coverage features well over 100 U.S. retailers, reaching 99% of the U.S. population.

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