Introducing Basketful Atlas, An Omni-Shoppable Product Locator

Introducing Basketful Atlas, An Omni-Shoppable Product Locator

Boosted brand discovery, optimized for omni-channel

In our previous article we teased the benefits of a modern day product locator.  Over the past few months the team here has been working hard at addressing the inefficiencies that exist in locators currently in market.  Today we are excited to launch Basketful’s new Shoppable Product Locator: Atlas. Boosting brand discovery and optimized for omni-channel.  

Product locators within brand sites are now table stakes.  Born well before ecommerce took off, they were the original path to cart from a website.  These often took shape as a carousel of retailer banners that carried a brand or product.  Locators a couple decades ago were the physical world equivalent of those old timey signs showing directions to potential locations.   Heading north instead of west and pointing me in the right direction is helpful, but not very specific.

Then came along locators that were more location aware, allowing you to enter in a zip and see a list or map of retailers that carried a brand.  These are the equivalent of the green highway distance signs, saying “Los Angeles, 350 miles”, and “Los Angeles, 101 South”.  These are much more helpful, and lay out a more discrete path, but they don’t guide you through the final miles to your actual destination.

Consumers and travelers alike now expect a frictionless path to exactly where they intend to go.  Anyone on a brand site searching to see where they can find your product expects the equivalent of a Google Maps experience.  They expect a simple and intuitive path that will bring them to where they actually want to go, without re-routes, speed bumps, bad routing, or dead-ends.  They expect it to be smooth, and they expect it to work.

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And while many brands can say “we have a product locator”, we challenge you to assess if you can answer yes to all three of the questions below.

Is it Omni-Shoppable?

An estimated 75% of Americans now shop both online and in-store—what we like to call bi-modal shoppers.  A proper shoppable product locator allows the consumer to add that product directly to their online cart, or save it for later for shopping in-store.  A pin on a map isn’t sufficient for an online shopper, just like a link to Instacart isn’t helpful for a predominantly in-store shopper.  A locator that meets the consumer where they are in terms of their preferences and the context of their discovery shouldn’t be overlooked.  

Is it Local?

A consumer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (53201) wants to understand the local stores where they can pick it up in-store or the online grocers where they can get it delivered to their doorstep.  They don’t want a link to a national ship retailer that’ll mail them the product, that throws them to Instacart to do their own hunting, or worse—to a retailer that actually doesn’t service their area.   They also want choices.  87% of shoppers use multiple grocery stores, and want to find the item at a store they are comfortable with or already have a list prepared for.  If they are given links to retailers that they don’t use weekly, then the path to cart is for naught. Basketful’s Product Locator includes 60+ Major Retailers covering over 114,000 online and brick and mortar store fronts.

Is it Accurate?

The predominant use case for product locators is for hard to find items; whether that’s a new item, one that is in lower distribution, or happens to be out of stock at your normal store.    Accurate distribution and inventory feeds are crucial to pull off any of these. 

Does it take your product locator 6 weeks or more to pick up when a new item hits the shelves?  Does it check inventory frequently so only the stores with inventory show up, avoiding dead-ends? Basketful updates availability at least every 72 hours, 90-95% faster than competing products–by far the best in the industry.  

Make sure your product locator is working hard for your brand and not gathering dust as a relic from the 90s. Ensure your brand site is optimized for the omni-shopper, and maximizing discovery with a Shoppable Product Locator.

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Basketful simplifies grocery shopping.  We create a smarter path to cart from Brand sites, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or wherever your media is trafficked. Our shoppable links and Product Locators are location, distribution, and inventory aware across 50+ retailers and 14,000+ stores.   Our coverage spans Food, Beverage, Alcohol, Health & Beauty, Baby, Household and Pet brands.   


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