Basketful Add to Cart for Advertising

Basketful Add to Cart for Advertising

Today, we are excited to announce that we have released a beta version of our Add to Cart for Advertising platform.  Much like Add To Cart for Site, this platform allows brands to make their meal solution content shoppable on leading national full basket retailers.  With this platform, brands can obtain shoppable landing pages that can be used for click through targets for any digital media – Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.  Once consumers arrive at the landing page, they can easily add products and meal solutions to their basket.  Here are some feature highlights:

  • Easy to Get Started – you provide us the meal solution, hero shot and any romance copy, we give you a landing page URL that you can start using for your media.
  • Ability to Curate Products – want to highlight a certain size or flavor?  No problem, just let us know.  Or leave it to our food engine to decide the best fit given availability in the consumer’s market area.
  • Consumer First – our solution is built with consumers in mind at every step to reduce friction in the process.
  • Retailer Availability – We currently support Walmart Online Grocery Pickup nationwide with over 1100 pickup locations.  We will be supporting another major retailer shortly – stay tuned!

Want to learn more?  Get in touch.  We would welcome the opportunity to help your brand grow online!

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