Day 1

Day 1

Food basketIt’s Day 1 here at Basketful Co. and we’re about to launch our website.  We’ve got our own little double secret office space in the Twin Cities.  It has community space, a kitchen area, and basically everything our little operation needs at this point.  We have inexpensive desks, chairs, and monitors and little bit of artwork in our office.  Our experiences in life and at work have taught us to value every hour and every dollar we spend. Our products value yours and delight your customers.

Grocery shopping is something that unites us.  We’ve become used to building the list, tracking the ideas somewhere, scratching down meal plans, trips to the store, scavenger hunts for hard to find items, on-the-fly substitutions, revising the weekly meal plan or Wednesday dinner or a special birthday party.  Some of you pull this off week after week with  super-human mental processing and creativity.  We think it should be be easier for you and possible for the rest of us.

Here’s some of what you’ll see from Basketful:

  • The best food ideas made shoppable online.
  • A revolutionary way to reinvigorate old but great food content.
  • Innovative on-site solutions leveraging rich food content at the point of purchase.
  • Clear and transparent return on your investment.

On the product management side of things, we have 8 major epics with 40 stories that we’ve started breaking down further into chunks we can accomplish in a day or less.  It feels good, but we’ve got a ton of work ahead of us.


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  • MJ

    August 7, 2017 - 12:33 pm

    What a timesaver!!!!!!!!!!

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