In App Stores Now: The Basketful Mobile Grocery List!

In App Stores Now: The Basketful Mobile Grocery List!

Save Time. Save Money. Simplify.

Over the past two years Basketful’s priorities have centered on our mission to Simplify Grocery Shopping.   We’ve done this by creating a shoppable path connecting content to commerce for brands and publishers. Powering this is our network of more than 50 retailer integrations, visibility to 10,000+ stores, and knowledge of 150M store/product combinations.  We always saw this as a first step in fulfilling our mission.

Today, we are announcing the next step in our continued journey to Simplify Grocery Shopping by extending our capabilities to the full basket.  We have launched the Basketful Mobile Grocery List, a consumer facing app allowing US shoppers to manage, share, and shop their entire basket of groceries.    Addressing the entire basket earns all stakeholders a bigger opportunity in creating helpful meal solutions, connecting shoppers to products they may love, and simplifying the experience.  

What does this mean for consumers?

The Basketful Grocery List App is available for download now from the Apple App and Google Play Stores.  Consumers can Create, Share, and Shop their grocery lists with ease. The app leverages our strong integrations with the retailers they know and love, store coverage for 95% of US households, and the powerful matching of our Food Engine to create a smarter grocery list.   We continue to believe that in order for our solutions to be valuable to our business clients, they must be first and foremost valuable to consumers. The Basketful Grocery List App creates a new and valuable bridge between partial and full basket carts. 

What does this mean for my company?

Basketful’s commitment to our customers continues unchanged.  We continue to invest heavily in capabilities for businesses, for consumers, and in expanding the largest Add to Cart network in grocery.  Just this month, we launched additional capabilities that allow consumers to pair recipes with complementary products and build your own persistent site list.  Our goal is to provide consumers with the most convenient options for their needs, whether that’s shopping online or in store, and the Basketful Grocery List broadens our ability to do so.  We believe this is an important step in upping the ante of convenience and utility, while unlocking richer baskets for both our partners and consumers.

We would love for you to be amongst the first users to try out the Basketful Grocery List App, and you can find links below to download.  We’d welcome your feedback by responding here or  We are excited to continue our partnership of innovation and Simplifying Grocery Shopping for consumers. 

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