Product availability on autopilot

Product availability on autopilot

Typical product locators are like bananas.  At the time of checkout they look perfect, but it’s a matter of days before they become overripe and unusable.  It’s a constant battle making sure they don’t go out of date.

Recent CPG supply challenges have magnified the importance of making product locators (and brand media too!) real-time inventory aware.  But keeping track of your product availability across dozens of retailers and tens of thousands of zip codes can be an expensive data endeavor and a full time job in and of itself.

As highlighted by our real-time Infant Formula Product Locator, putting product availability data on autopilot can prevent shopper dead-ends, build brand loyalty, and drive media trafficking efficiency.  Basketful’s Product Locator includes built-in inventory awareness to bypass the dead-ends during high purchase intent moment.  Product Locators show 5x the purchase intent than other paid media and are key moments to link loyal shopper to the product that is available to them locally.

Basketful updates availability every 12 hours on average from 100+ US retailers. Ditch the overripe distribution data AND avoid dead ends for shoppers.  Local availability on autopilot, served up in an insight-centric Product Locator.


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