Updated Retailer Reach maps (10-mile radius)

Updated Retailer Reach maps (10-mile radius)

In past analysis, we used a 30-mile radius for “within reach” of pickup locations.  Walmart’s recent annual report we noticed they published: “We’re enabling customers to choose Walmart for all the ways they want to shop by expanding our assortment, leveraging our fulfillment capabilities and connecting our stores, located within 10 miles of nearly 90 percent of the U.S. population, to the digital world.”  In addition, Zak Stambor of InternetRetailer picked up a more specific fact in the Walmart Shareholders Presentation. Zak’s tweet: “Walmart’s grocery pickup was available to 2% of US in 2014, by end of year will be available to 70% of US.”

The explicit 10-mile reference was enough for us to go and revise our maps to a 10 mile radius from March-April 2018 data collection.

You’ll notice only Walmart and Kroger percentages change; because they are the pickup locations.

  • Walmart drops from 83% to 57%, in which they drop to 2nd place.
  • Kroger drops from 45% to 31%.

Here’s a link to the 30 mile radius map for reference:


As Expansion Continues, Retailers Play to Win

Retailers, brands, and publishers are re-inventing the grocery shopping experience for an evolved grocery shopper. You can read plenty of stories about how Amazon will crush the competition, but we claim it’s still a long road.

Ryan Caldbeck (of CircleUp) says Instacart is the future winner, outdoing Amazon. According to supermarketnews, Instacart “plans to double the size of its team, fuel its expansion in North America, and invest in new products and services that improve the value proposition for shoppers and the company’s retail partners.”  Read that whole Caldbeck thread, it may be an eye-opener if you’re in CPG.

Walmart continues to aggressively invest in eCommerce: Walmart US CEO Mark Foran: “You have to play and get on with it or get left behind and that’s why we are testing so many things … Execution will be the difference between the winners and losers.

We’ll continue to update these maps internally, but if you reach out I’ll send them your way when we update them.


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