“The easy part was knowing how hard this was going to be. But we did it anyway.”

– Eugene, Co-Founder

Our Story

Everything started in your shoes, actually.

Jim and Eugene were clients like you for more than 15 years at General Mills. As they watched new trends emerge in online shopping, they also saw how these practices for goods and services didn’t necessarily work for the grocery shopping experience. They saw the gaps. They deeply understood the uniqueness of shopping for groceries in digital. And they just had to start Basketful. So now a few years in, Basketful is setting the tone for the industry, turning any content into a cart and changing the way we get our groceries. 

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(Y)our Team

We treat every business like it’s our own, feeling a deep connection with the problems that need solved, the goals we develop together and the people we GET to create with.

Explore Our History

Basketful through time

Since we were founded in 2018, we have taken our mission to Simplify Grocery Shopping to heart. Early on we pioneered new ways of making food content shoppable in a simplified way, unifying information from tens of thousands of decentralized stores so that every experience feels local and customized. We’ve kept the shopper experience in the forefront, never compromising on providing the highest fidelity experience. We continue to strengthen our lead in having the industry’s largest retailer network, all while launching industry-exclusive capabilities that drive differential marketing intelligence for our brand partners. We’ve also deployed our passion, talent, and dollars into increasing food access for those who need it most. With more than 40+ million paths to cart and counting, we’re even more excited for the full baskets still ahead.


Looking ahead

“Ultimately, we don’t want you to think about us too much. Because if we’re making life simpler and easier for you, we’ll fit right in to what you gotta do."


Delivering the Goods

Making it easier to get groceries goes way beyond shoppers and grocery stores for us. Sure it started there, but now that we know where literally all the food is, it’s such a privilege to use our technology to get more food into the hands that need it. With more equal food access, less goes to waste and we can help our community become healthier, and happier.

And when you partner with us, you help too. Annually, we contribute 5% of our profits to local food organizations and volunteer with local non-profits to connect on a human level.

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