A shopping list that’s easier than pen & paper

A simpler way to grocery shop

We spend all this time thinking of meals, writing a list, wandering aisles and hoping everything will be in stock. Sounds easy, but, honestly, why is it so hard?!

With the Basketful app, you shop from your favorite local store(s), see real-time inventory and prices, AND ultimately spend less time grocery shopping because, unlike pen & paper, you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Ok, so how does this actually work?

It’s simple, really.

And like magic, we’ll know what you need next time.

Simplify your grocery shopping.
Over a lifetime, it adds up.

Hours saved with a smarter grocery list + delivery
$ 1 k
Avoided in impulse buys & unplanned groceries
miles avoided by using Grocery Delivery
You’re about to spend less time grocery shopping.

Upgrade your grocery list to Basketful

Take a (mental) load off

Toss all the stuff you need to remember onto one list. Shop right away or add to the list until you’re ready to buy.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Add in other users to build a list together.

We’ve got connections

We sync with stores near you to get you the best prices, in-stock products and so much convenience. All in real-time as if you were standing in the aisle.

Swap & Save

Easily compare prices at your favorite stores to grab the best deals.

Product Recommendations

We’re your sidekick and think of things that are easy to forget. You’re welcome.

Shop Your Way

Use the list to shop in-store or online for delivery or pick up.

“Where has this been all my life?”

- You after you download the Basketful app

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