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No matter where shoppers come across your product -- a recipe, a post, an email, a pin, a QR code, or the next cool thing -- we make it so they can add it to their cart. From any device, any retailer, any location. If they see it, they can add it right then and there.

Brand Fidelity

With our special sauce of inventory and product intelligence solutions, we can promise you brand fidelity, meaning shoppers will be connected to your product, not a competitor’s. Full stop.

Deep Analytics

We offer conversion funnel analytics featuring frequency, retailer, geography and product KPIs at different conversion stages of the funnel. Letting you learn, improve, and optimize your spend.

We do a lot of things differently than our competitors. And that’s because shopping for food is an entirely different experience.

Our Solutions

With our advanced inventory intelligence, we have a deep understanding of real-time product inventory, geography and pricing, which allows us to connect an oftentimes fragmented food shopping experience for the consumer. So, no more screenshots they’ll never get back to. No more Pins saved for “someday.” Just more shoppers getting what they need — in the exact moment inspiration strikes. It’s that simple.

Our Insights

Channel Insights connects the dots between top, middle, and bottom of the funnel media performance across multiple platforms and channels.  Industry exclusive full funnel media & commerce visibility.  Performance and realtime insights on which channels are hardest working— whether your objective is awareness, consideration, conversion, or attributed purchases.  Who doesn’t want to stretch their dollars further and look like a brand hero?

Our Capabilities

The shopper is at the center of everything we do. Our customizable ecosystem provides a consistent experience from the moment a shopper sees something they want, to the moment they get it. And less friction means more sales.

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Who We Are

“What are you hungry for?” is a complicated questions we handle on the daily. It gets us searching for ideas, sends us to the store, and hoping everything on our list is actually there. We’ve developed a tolerance for what it takes to come up with a meal and get the food for it – every. single. day. And that’s what sparked our mission: to simplify grocery shopping. We saw how eCommerce had taken off for hard goods and services, but with 15+ years in grocery and recipe industries, we saw the gaps and knew we had to apply a different paradigm to make it happen for grocery.

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