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Crumbling cookies and a fragmented funnel

Reconnecting the dots for ecomm optimization For digital marketers, the telegraphed end of third-party cookies has caused angst and heartburn, especially for performance marketers. Tracking cookies and pixels have long been a staple of digital marketing, deployed as bread crumbs along the shopper journey. These bread crumbs are connected together to provide a lineage of […]
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The Roaring 20s

A glance into contextual commerce and the future of the final mile Here in Minneapolis we are now exiting a two hundred hour stretch where the thermometer didn’t reach 0 degrees. So even though we are only 48 days into the new decade, forgive us if we are feeling overly optimistic. To that end, we […]
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How your digital marketing can circumvent a $15B Grocery Out of Stock problem

CPG’s go to market strategy and digital marketing has undergone quite the transformation over the last decade going from a single channel world to an omni-channel one.  In the old world a product was developed and launched, sold into customers, marketed to the masses through mainstream media, product was pushed down linear supply chains into […]
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Add to Cart Chutes & Ladders

How you can finish first in bringing brands to basket With a nudge from a global pandemic, ecommerce across consumer product categories continues to balloon as witnessed by promising recent earnings and updates from Walmart and Target.  Grocery in particular continues to burgeon, with overall spending in July up 18% versus last year, and online […]
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The Grocery Ecomm Flywheel: Part II

The Retailer Response In Part I we discussed the consumer momentum powering the share growth of online grocery in the 1st half of the year.  Today we focus on the equally dramatic retailer responses to COVID-19 behavior shifts that occurred in the weeks and months following the pandemic declaration. Defense: 0-4 weeks The initial weeks […]
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The Grocery Ecomm Flywheel: Part I

2020 has blurred the senses a bit, and it’s easy to forget just how massive the acceleration was in grocery ecommerce that occurred over the last 6 months.  Broadly speaking, from January to July, grocery ecomm doubled in size1.  This was of course due in large part to a significant amount of the population being […]
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