Is your Product Locator from the 90s?

Is your Product Locator from the 90s?

Since the advent of brand websites, product locators have been an important tool to connect passionate consumers to where they can find your products.  Locators have been around seemingly forever, but grocery is evolving at a high pace. Is your product locator as old as Mr. Belding? Consider how your locator measures up to these four modern best practices:

  1. Shoppability
  2. Local Retailer Coverage
  3. High Frequency Updates
  4. Funnel Analytics


Convenience is king, and with 75% of Americans now using online grocery, shoppable brand sites and locators are now table stakes.  Telling consumers where they *might* find their product next time they’re on their weekly trip isn’t enough; that’s the advertising equivalent to a roadside billboard.  While you have the consumers’ attention, don’t just point them in the right direction. Your opportunity is to create Buy Now chutes, not ladders.

Local Retailer Coverage

87% of Americans shop at multiple grocery stores*, so giving consumers a choice of retailers is key.  Basketful’s Buy Now integration supports 50+ Retailers, with local store coverage for 95% of US households.  In a nutshell, Basketful unlocks a retailer agnostic direct to consumer channel, without the physical infrastructure.  And paired with the local retailers that they trust is the convenience of pickup or delivery. No need to fire up the ‘ol Buick Estate.

High Frequency Updates

Updated distribution & product availability is a must for a less frustrating and higher fidelity path to purchase for your consumers, especially on hard to find and new items.  Having timely distribution available for new items is especially critical during their introductory period. Does it take your product locator 6 weeks or more to pick up when your new items hit the shelves?  Basketful updates availability every 72 hours on average, 90-95% faster than competing products–by far the best in the industry. Upgrade to the latest console to level up.

Funnel Analytics

Once you’ve guided your passionate consumers to cart, the gravy is in understanding the aggregated behavior of the purchase funnel.  Basketful provides rich conversion funnel analytics featuring frequency, geography, retailer, and product KPIs at different stages of the conversion funnel. All available by dashboard–no Tandy computer or floppies needed.

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Basketful powers smarter online shopping experiences for enterprises and consumers.  Our Shoppable Product Locators eliminate the complexity and unlock a quality path to purchase for your loyal customers.  Contact us to learn more.

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