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Crumbling cookies and a fragmented funnel

Reconnecting the dots for ecomm optimization For digital marketers, the telegraphed end of third-party cookies has caused angst and heartburn, especially for performance marketers. Tracking cookies and pixels have long been a staple of digital marketing, deployed as bread crumbs along the shopper journey. These bread crumbs are connected together to provide a lineage of […]
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Did you hear the scoop?

Basketful announces Channel Insights; serving up next level ecomm optimization We are proud to announce the launch of an industry exclusive and game changing CPG media capability: Channel Insights.  Enhanced by our ecosystem of shoppable capabilities, Channel Insights automatically connects media & commerce performance together, unlocking in-flight ecomm optimization for CPG brands. Channel Insights connects the dots between […]
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3 steps to orchestrate CPG commerce efficiency & 1st party insights

In a world of evolving privacy and shopper tracking, reduced media attribution, a spider web of omni-channel activities, and blurring lines between marketing and commerce, marketers have their hands full. For fast moving consumer goods brands having an efficient and data-driven presence across the omni-channel is the core foundation. Connecting the dots between these disparate […]
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Bypassing the out of stock crisis

In what seems a bit like groundhog’s day, the grocery industry is being impacted again by severe and persistent out of stocks.  For the week ending January 16th, the average out of stock rate across US grocery was hovering at 14%1 —nearly 3x the normal rate2,3.  Greg Ferrara, the president and CEO of the National […]
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Multichannel optimization comes to Canada!

An online path to cart, filled with content & commerce insights, is now available in Canada. Our industry leading retailer depth and breadth just got even better; we are excited to announce our expansion into the Canadian market! In addition to the US market, our shoppable capabilities will now provide Canadian brands rich content & […]
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Colliding Commerce & Conversion Metrics

How deeper Channel Analytics brings visibility to the path to purchase In our last article, we skimmed the surface talking about Shopper Funnel Conversion, and how engagement with different types of media elicits different probabilities of a sale down the road.  We also talked about how conversion events are not all created equal, and that […]
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