Introducing Inventory Targeting

Introducing Inventory Targeting

The Newest Advantage in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Marketing

Media targeting typically includes the ability to connect and reconnect with shoppers, build custom audience lists, leverage keywords and interests, and demographically target with gender, age, general locations, languages, devices, etc.  So if I have all these powerful levers at my disposal today, you ask, why would I need anything more?  The answer is that geographic targeting for fast moving CPG goods should never be static.  It is changing constantly as the product you are selling goes in and out of distribution, has regional stock outages, and overall dynamic market changes that occur on a daily basis. 


New item that is launching regionally? No problem. Turn on Inventory Targeting, take your hand off the steering wheel, and your ad campaigns automatically shift to where your product is– and more importantly, avoid areas where it isn’t. 

Regional or limited distribution? No problem. Skip cobbling together distribution reports that you try to shoe-horn into static media DMAs. Inventory Targeting takes care of that with precision….and does that every day, again and again as your distribution continues to evolve and change. 

Full distribution? Don’t kid yourself, even the biggest national brands have void areas where they don’t have product –or there aren’t any physical or digital grocery stores– resulting in pockets of ineffective ad campaign spend. On average we see 3-7% of media waste even for national brands without Inventory Targeting turned on. If you have the choice, why wouldn’t you want your ad spend dollars to go farther than your competition?

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Reach out to your Customer Success representative, or hit us up through the contact form, to learn more about how you can secure special launch pricing on Inventory Targeting to help you get more mileage out of your campaigns. The launch of Inventory Targeting is exclusive with shoppable Pinterest campaigns, with more platforms to follow.


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