The Add to Cart Top 5: Part III

The Add to Cart Top 5: Part III

Best Practices for Grocery Digital Marketing

In this final chapter of our three part series, we explore the top five Add to Cart best practices to consider that grease the impression-to-cart tracks. If you missed Part 1 or 2, access here.

Best Practice #5: Listen & Learn from the data. In store behaviors aren’t a mirror of online grocery shopping behaviors (more on that in the future), and evolution is important. It is critical to measure the entire add to cart funnel; from initial impression to cart to checkout, and as much as possible in between. This is data that CPGs have never had access to before. Not only do you see who saw your ads, but that visibility can allow you to see who then adds your product to cart, if it was a part of a specific solution or recipe, the other products that fell into that shopper’s cart, the geography breakout, the retailers who received the sale, the price points of those products, the time of the year, etc. Capturing the intent and building audiences from the first party data you unlock can be a competitive advantage and keep you two steps ahead.

A richer understanding of what occurred in the past is always helpful, but the same solutions can be deployed as a data-driven method for testing content, product solutions, messaging/tone, and color schemes/styles, even dynamically.  All those digital clues can be turned into ways to wring more effectiveness out of your content and drive growth for your brands. The media, solutions, and behavior that drive a consumer to Checkout are evolving, ensure your approach to add to cart and shoppable content are flexible enough to rapidly test and learn. 


Making your content shoppable is a critical new method to reaching consumers online.  These five Best Practices for Add to Cart are an easy set of guardrails to guide you on the path ahead.

Add to Cart Solutions

Contact us to learn more about how Basketful accelerates the journey from content to cart with a low friction & high fidelity experience.  Our technology can take any piece of digital media and make it immediately shoppable at 50+ US retailers covering 94% of the US, complete with store level distribution, availability, and pricing.

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