Infant Formula Product Locator

As continued out of stock events continue to plague different US grocery categories, a more recent and urgent supply crisis of infant formula has developed.  Basketful has published a (free) near real-time Infant Formula Product Locator as a public service.  Anywhere in the US, a shopper can see near real-time availability of baby formula brands at over 100+ major retailers, and purchase either in-store or online.

A few notes:

  1. While we monitor aggressively, we cannot guarantee availability once you get to the store.  We update inventories every 12 hours on average, but actual store inventory can and will vary for high demand products.
  2. WIC recipients – WIC clinics can now adjust your family’s formula vouchers to help you buy different brands, and sometimes can even order formula for a family. Please reach out to your local WIC clinic to learn more. Use this link to find your local WIC clinic: (thanks to Meals4Families)
  3. Don’t panic: in times of extreme scarcity, it’s tempting to stock up! This crisis will pass; get enough to get you by, and we’ll keep availability updated.


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