Day 120 – Beta Release of Basketful Add to Cart

Day 120 – Beta Release of Basketful Add to Cart

Its day 120 at Basketful.  It’s hard to believe that it has been four months since Jim and I took the plunge into entrepreneurship.   Today I am excited to announce that we have reached our second key milestone – the beta release of Basketful Add to Cart – our shoppable content engine for food. Add to Cart easily allows Brands & Publishers to make their existing food content shoppable for their consumers. Here are some feature highlights:

  • Easy integration – One of our key design principals is that our customers should be able to integrate our solution with minimal effort. No matter what platform you run, what development language your teams use, what Content Management System (CMS) you have, no matter your brand’s voice or style, Add To Cart can be integrated quickly a few lines of code we provide.
  • Consumer First – Another key design principal is that we make the consumer experience as frictionless as possible through the entire journey – discover, plan, buy, and make.  Whether detecting where they are, matching ingredients to products available at their retailer, understanding what items they may have on hand, allowing substitutions, or making a seamless, simple and fast Add to Cart Experience, we have focused on the grocery shopper the entire time.
  • Mobile First – We know shoppers have busy, mobile lives. We’ve made the mobile experience a priority.
  • Retailer Availability – We are excited to launch our Beta with Add To Cart for Walmart Online Grocery Pickup.  By starting with Walmart, Add to Cart is available to shoppers using at over 1100 Walmart locations nationwide.

So while the four months have gone by in a flash, they have been incredibly productive for Basketful.  And of course we are just getting started.  We have plans to quickly add more retailers, and more digital channels!

Want to learn more?  Ping us at and we would be happy to chat!

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