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The Basketful Ecosystem

When we say that anything online can become a storefront for shoppers, we mean anything.

But it all starts with our Adaptive Food Engine. It matches products and ingredients to the local retailers your consumer shops at — giving real-time inventory visibility across 40,000+ zip codes.

With all that product availability knowledge, we’re able to create data-driven experiences that connect shoppers to your brand’s assets, seamlessly taking them from inspiration to purchase. In other words, we get your consumers to take action the moment inspiration strikes from your media.

Our Technology

Adaptive Food Engine

Consists of:

And powers our Basketful Shopping Solutions:

Media & Social Solutions

No matter where your media appears, we can drive directly to the retailer’s cart from it. Imagine how much easier that is?!

Web & App Solutions

Want to make your website shoppable? There are so many ways we can do that with our Product Locators, Recipe Solutions, Site Lists and more. All flexible to fit your needs

Create a customized plan that's ideal for your business


À La Carte Products

Pick one. Pick them all. We’ll work with you to identify what exactly you need for the results you’re going for with a custom-built package.


Media Subscriptions

Unlimited shoppable landing pages, need we say more?


Owned Site Solutions

Easy ways to make your site a shoppable destination, like DTC without having to do the fulfillment. That way you don’t lose shoppers between inspiration and fulfillment.


Full Ecosystem Packages

Enhance your consumer insights using a fully shoppable experience across your brands.

Since our start in 2018, we’ve created a path to cart for over 150 million items, shown over $1B worth of curated digital shelves, and have actively avoided over $3M+ in lost sales for brands with inventory awareness. This is just the start!

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